is worried he might be straight (HAHAHA! like anyone could believe that!!) and barges into his buddy's bedroom to demand that he have sex with him and prove he's not. is taken aback, but complies, and gets undressed at Garrett's insistence. The boys then make out on the bed before Garrett goes down on Chase and sucks his stiff dick. Chase blows Garrett's boner in return before he bends over and allows Garrett to eat out his ass.

After a good rimming, Garrett slides his bareback dick into Chase and drills him from behind. The twinks then switch and now Chase gets to stick his raw dick into Garrett. He penetrates Garrett in the missionary position until Garrett blows his load over himself. Chase then pulls out and fires his cum over Garrett before they snuggle and kiss, proclaiming that they should do it more often.

Dick Detective's thoughts: A hot -flop from two very hot boys. But I'm sorry – there's no way I can buy that Garrett could think he was straight LOL