Models: Chase Daniels, Legrand Wolf

Studio: Fun Size Boys

Themes: Bareback, Older On Younger, Breeding/Cum In Ass

Petite twink is attending a follow up visit with his doctor, Legrand Wolf. The doctor gets Chase to strip down to his underwear so he can check him over, but right away we see that the slim twink is already hard inside of his undies. prods at the hard bulge before freeing it from the underwear. Chase's big throbbing boner pops out and Dr Wolf makes sure to probe and examine it all over. He then turns Chase around and bends the boy over to examine his smooth butt. Chase had previously complained of an itch inside of his ass, and the Doctor checks up on that again by sliding two fingers into the twink's ass. As he does, the doctor reaches out with his other hand to touch Chase's stiff boner. After the anal probing, Chase hist back and his dick is still throbbing. Doctor Wolf recommends that he makes Chase cum to help it go down.

Chase asks if he can see Dr Wolf's dick too, so the doctor frees his mammoth meat, making Chase ask if he can touch it. The twink gets his hands on that monster cock, then his lips as he begins sucking and slurping on the thick shaft. Dr Wolf's chunky boner is almost thicker than Chase's wrist, but the boy is still eager for more of it. The boy lays back, and begins slowly squeezing his massive monster into Chase's tight little hole. Once it's all the way inside, the horny doctor begins pumping away, drilling the boy deep. Chase moans and groans as he feels that huge length massaging him inside. He takes a pounding from behind and on his back until Dr Wolf can no longer hold back. The hung hunk unloads inside of Chase, breeding the boy with his special medicine to help relieve Chase's itch.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! I love the size difference between Chase and Legrand, and I love how eager Chase is for Legrand's huge cock.

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