and spit-roast and tag-team fuck in part one of the brand new series “Open You Eyes”.

In this sizzling scene, Charlie and Paul are boyfriends. As Paul sleeps next to him, Charlie immerses himself in a virtual reality game. Unbeknown to him, ginger stud Bennett walks into the room and decides to have a little fun of his own. Bennet begins groping Charlie, who just assumes it's Paul, and then pulls down Charlie's pants and gets to work blowing his rock hard cock. Charlie is loving it, so Bennett decides to slide his ass down onto Charlie's dick and rides him balls deep. When Charlie eventually removes his VR goggles he sees the tattooed stud riding him instead of his boyfriend. Loving the fuck though, Charlie carries on pounding Bennett's ass deep and hard.

Eventually Paul wakes up and is shocked to see the guys fucking in from of him, but it's not long before he joins in the fun too by shoving his dick into Bennett's mouth and then fucking the ginger stud himself. Paul and Charlie spit-roast Bennett and take turns fucking his ass until they're both ready to bust, leaving the stud covered in both of their hot loads!

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