Has there ever been a hotter duo of sexy jocks than Charlie Pattinson and Leo Fuentes? I highly doubt it!

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This stunning duo hook up for the latest MEN.com scene, “Hotline” part one, and the moment Leo arrives at Charlie's place they don't waste any time getting it on. Both fully naked, their smooth toned bodies and throbbing cocks are a treat for the eyes! They quickly dive into the oral action with Brazilian jock Leo going down on Charlie and sucking the young stud's big dick. He then gets his own uncut cock blown in return, and in some very creative positions too.

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I've mentioned before just how much I love watching Leo get his beautiful butt pounded, and the bottom boy takes it deep and hard once again here as Charlie fucks his sweet hole in several positions. Leo also proves how much of a power bottom he is in this one, taking control as he thrusts his ass back onto Charlie's dick and then rides that stiff pole balls deep. Charlie still gets to dominate though, and especially as he slams Leo on his back and fucks the cum right out of the inked stunner before then blowing his own load all over…..

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