Master was eager to make the most of his purchase, bidding a hefty price for slave boy at auction. Once the two were alone in Master Marko's hotel suite, the muscular man beckoned for the subservient Ethan to come towards him with a sharp gesture. Obediently, the boy crawled on all fours, his smooth, perky butt wiggling from side to side, framed by his black jockstrap. The two kissed deeply, and Master Marko began to paw at Ethan's ass and probe between his cheeks. He instructed Ethan to slide his trousers and briefs off, which the boy did with slow, measured drama.

After a deep cock sucking, Master Marko brought Ethan between his legs at the corner of the bed, and the boy spread his cheeks as he sat on the man's bareback cock. The twink bounced up and down, and Master Marko rose up to a seated position, never letting his cock slip out. He grabbed the boy's ankles, controlling the speed and plunging in and out of him, and soon his balls began to tighten. With a huge release, Master Marko filled Ethan with a massive load, breeding the boy as he thought only of the value he had already gained from his investment.