Boyfriends and have a rock-solid relationship that has lasted years. And the secret to their longevity? Their self-proclaimed “Cheat Day”. Twice a year, the boyfriends allow themselves a free pass to fuck other guys and reignite their passion for each other.

This “Cheat Day”, is eagerly slipping away to the house of muscle hunk Cade Maddox. When Cade opens the door, Trevor is greeted to the hot sight of Cade shirtless in grey sweatpants, and with a big pre-cum stain on the front of them. Cade pulls Trevor in for a lustful and passionate kiss, then he strips Trevor down to rim and finger his tight, eager hole.

Trevor is keen to get his mouth on Cade's extra-thick throbbing cock, and he hungrily devours every inch of it. The horny bottom then gets that big bareback boner rammed up his ass, taking every inch as Cade slams him from behind. From the sofa to the bed, Cade pounds Trevor in various positions, drilling the stud's hole from all angles until they both cum. Trevor is left coated in their hot loads, sweaty, satisfied, and ready to return to his loving boyfriend once again.