It's the holidays and I'm taking the day off, so here's a throwback to one of my favorite ever scenes from the past few years! – Dick Detective

Broke Straight Boys features it's first ever breeding scene in this smoking hot bareback duo with horny jocks and Chris Taylor.

Chris is feeling a little tired, so inked jock Dakota suggests they don't waste any time and get right down to it! After a little kissing Dakota pulls out Chris's dick and then blows the sexy jock before getting naked and whipping out his own big and chunky boner. Chris spends a good while sucking and swallowing that big dick, and even impressively manages to deep-throat it too. What a pro!

Dakota then lubes up Chris' tight ass an drams his raw cock deep inside it. He pumps the full length of his dick in and out of that hole right from the start, and proceeds to give Chris the pounding of his life as he drill shim all over the bed in several positions. The relentless and furious pounding finally finishes as they're in a riding position with Chris bouncing up and down Dakota's dick. Chris gets a huge load fucked out of him which spews all over Dakota's sexy body, and then Chris' tight hole gets Dakota so excited that he blows his load right inside the jock! He cums deep in his ass and breed Chris, then lets his dick slide out to reveal his hot fresh load oozing out of that well-fucked hole…..

A first for Broke Straight Boys, but hopefully not the last!

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