Broke Straight Boys

Ayden Troy and Tyler White

Broke Straight Boys fans just about lost their minds when they found out the site was pairing up Ayden Troy and Tyler White. Fans have been rocking the forum with requests to see these two fuck. Quite a thing really since blond cutie Ayden Troy hasn't really been on the site since July 2013. He's been featured in some behind-the-scenes and interview footage recently, but he hasn't been in any new scenes.

At the beginning of the month he fucked Vadim Black's ass and that got the fans revving and thinking about Ayden again. The producer tries to surmise that fans wanted to see Ayden and Tyler together because they look similar, both being blonds and all. The producer must be smoking some pretty good stuff because these two don't look anything alike: Ayden is blond and clean cut, a wholesome lad really; meanwhile Tyler is cocky, covered in ink, and looks like the bad boy next door your mother warned you about.

Tyler is no stranger to getting fucked, he's bottomed a number of times in the past few months, but it still doesn't come easily. Ayden's dick isn't super huge, but it's big enough to get Tyler panting “oh fuck” repeatedly. After getting fucked doggy style, Tyler lies on his side and Ayden spoon fucks him. I liked this position best because I loved seeing Tyler's big, floppy nuts hanging down his thigh, plus we get the best view of Ayden's hard dick plunging Tyler's hole. And I had forgotten what a cummer Ayden is; he covers Tyler's cock and balls with a big load of creamy white spunk.

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