Bryan Cavallo and Troy Taylor team up for this new College Dudes scene. They're both young, handsome and horny – the perfect pairing! And that makes for a really hot scene too.0

After the opening interview the guys start making out. They're really into it too, kissing the whole time whilst they touch, fondle and undress each other. It's not long before they're both totally naked, and Bryan quickly drops to his knees and wraps his lips around Troy's rock-hard boner. After some hot sucking and face fucking, they swap over and Troy returns the blowjob.00

The guys 69 for a while too, before Troy bends over the bed offering his ass up to Bryan. After a bit of fingering, Bryan slowly slides his big dick into that extremely tight hole. It takes a minute or two to get comfortable, but after that he gets into a nice rhythm and is soon fucking Troy's ass with every inch of his big tool.000

They get through a few really hot positions before the end, and in the final riding position Troy busts his nut whilst Bryan's dick is still pounding his ass, shooting jizz all over himself and the bed. Bryan isn't far behind, and quickly pulls out to cum all over Troy. “So fucking hot….” pants Troy as he lays there covered in cum. I'd have to agree!

  • Dylan

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