Models: Dominic Moore, Jack Harper, Marco Braid

Studio: Englishlads

Themes: British, Threesome, Uncut

Straight boys Dominic, Jack, and Marco all get together for some fun in this Englishlads scene. The boys are playing a game of cards where the loser has to strip out of an item of clothing, so one by the one the trio slowly but surely begin losing their clothes. All three end up down to their boxer shorts, and it's not long before they begin losing those too! Soon Dominic, jack, and Marco are naked with their uncut cocks on show. These straight boys aren't so straight that they're not afraid to touch each other, and before long we see the boys touching and stroking one another's hard dicks.

After jerking each other off, it's onto some oral action. Dominic and jack are happy to get their mouths around some boners and they each do a great job of sucking dick. Meanwhile Marco hist back and just enjoys the feeling of a lads' mouth around his throbbing cock. Greedy Dominic loves blowing dick so much that he even attempts to the Jack and Marco's cocks in his mouth at the same time! After the oral, the boys sit back and stroke their stiff dicks until they blow, squirting hot jizz all over themselves.

Dick Detective's verdict: Hot! These boys have great chemistry and really seem like three mates getting together, so it's definitely horny seeing them strip and touch and suck each other off.

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