I really don't know where Lyle Boyce puts it all, even Daniel Johnson is smiling when this cocksucker completely swallows his huge hard dick. How big is that thing? Who cares. It's impressive. In this new Eurocreme video called Straight Boys Fuck, Johnson's girlfriend has barely left the apartment and he's already texting one of his favourite blow boys to come over and service his meat.

Boyce is over in a jiffy. The cute blond has a stable of regular straight dudes he enjoys taking care of, but Daniel's thick boner is one of his faves. Besides, Daniel likes it rough and never goes easy on Lyle's ass and Lyle doesn't mind that his hole hurts for a couple of days after one of Daniel's drill sessions!

Daniel lies back and lets this cocksucker do all the work; he's saving his energy for the hard fucking he's going to give this lad in a few minutes. After deep throating Daniel's dick and getting him very excited, Lyle gets down on all fours and Daniel rams in his hard-on. Every time Lyle tries rising his head, Daniel pushes him back down and drills him harder.

But I really enjoyed watching Lyle sitting on that thing. Daniel holds the boy's ass in his hands and jack hammers. It's quite a sight seeing Lyle taking such a brutal fucking. Daniel soaks Lyle's smooth body, then he leave the bottom to take care of himself. Daniel's done, he couldn't give a shit if Lyle cums or not. He's just a tight hole to fuck.

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