Porn superstar Brent Corrigan and sexy young stud Jason Maddox take turns fucking each other's asses in this flip-flop fucking duo scene from Falcon Studios.

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In “Deep Release”, Brent has enlisted personal masseur Jason to ease out some stress in his body. As Brent lays naked on the massage table, Jason gets his expert hands all over the jock, paying special attention to his butt area. Things quickly heat up though as Brent can't help but notice and feel a huge nudge in Jason's pants, and he soon whips out that throbbing cock and slides his lips over the plump and juicy head. Brent sucks and swallows Jason's big dick, then gets his own stiff boner blown in return as he lays on the table. Jason moves up from Brent's dick and lets his tongue work it's way into the jock's ass, and once he'd finished rimming that bubble butt he slides his dick deep inside it.

Jason fucks Brent hard from behind, giving him the most thorough and deep internal massage possible. The horny studs then flip, and Brent gets to give his masseur's ass a hard pounding too as he fucks him with his legs spread wide open. They flip once more, and Brent gets his tight thole massaged once again as he rides Jason and bounces up and down every inch of his dick. That really hits the spot for Brent, and he's soon blasting out a load of cum all over Jason's sexy body. That really was a “deep release”!

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Watch the video here at Falcon Studios