Sexy daddy hooks up with inked jock Davey in this new duo from Pride Studios.

In this scene,  is frustrated at step-dad always yelling at him to do the dishes. Davey mutters mockingly under his breath as he washes; “Davey do the dishes, Davey rake the leaves, Davey clean the garage, Davey suck my cock…”. Unknown to Davey, his step-dad Brenden was standing listening to every word. Brenden comes up behind Davey and tells him that he liked that last one on his list…..

Soon Davey is on his knees sucking his step-dad's dick! He blows Brenden's fat cock in the kitchen before they move into the bedroom where Brenden blows Davey. They then take things up a notch as Davey bends over on the bed with his ass in the air. Brenden doesn't hesitate to ram his dick into his step-son's tight butt hole. The stud fucks that ass good and hard, pounding it from behind. Brenden then flips Davey onto his back and drills him deeper before they both blow their loads all over!

A hard pounding is certainly worth washing the dishes for….

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