Sexy jock gets more than he bargained for when he catches hot┬ástud beating off in “Peepers” part two!

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Aspen is feeling horny and in need of some relief, so he jumps up on the kitchen counter and pulls out his big dick to jack off to some porn on his phone. But unbeknown to the hot stud, Brandon is watching him through a crack in the door, rubbing the growing bulge in his jeans as he looks on. But when Brandon makes a noise Aspen quickly notices him and angrily drags the jock into the kitchen. Aggressively asking if he wants to suck his dick, Aspen then pushes Brandon's head down onto his thick boner and lets the jock suck and slurp on every inch of it. Grabbing hold of Brandon's head, Aspen then face-fucks the jock's willing mouth and forces the full length of his big cock down his throat.


With his oral satisfaction over, Aspen is then ready to pound some ass, and Brandon gets bent over the kitchen counter as the muscly stud rams his dick into him from behind. Aspen drills Brandon's tight hole deep and hard, fucking him all over the room and stretching that hole wide open as the jock takes it from every angle. Brandon soon gets the cum fucked out of him, followed by a hot load of jizz to the face from Aspen as penance for his peeping!

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