Horny jock tricks beefy hunk into fucking him in “Take The Bait” part two from MEN.

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Brandon has been wanting Adam to fuck him for a long time, so he hatches a plan to make it happen. With the help of a girl and the promise of her doing it with Adam, they convince the hunk to strip naked and get it on with Brandon. With the girl now out of the room, Brandon wraps his lips around Adam's big and chunky dick and blows the stud. Brandon then tells Adam he thinks there's something else the girl would like to see them do, so he bends over the bed and up his ass, letting Adam know exactly what he means. Adam rams his raging boner deep into that tight butt and pounds Brandon hard, filling full with every inch of his fat knob. He drills the horny jock in several positions, and finally fucks the cum right out of him before dumping his own load all over him too!

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