is a cute guy, but he's still a virgin. In this video from Boy Crush, Ryker's friends Jasper and Jordan decide to help him get laid. They're sitting in a coffee shop and Ryker spies a boy that he likes, but he's too shy to approach him. Jasper draws a diagram showing where each of these three guys is sitting. A big red arrow points at Ryker's name: “Virgin! If you've got a room, his V-card is yours.” Then he delivers the note to , who is sitting a couple of tables away.

Aaron does have a room on campus and who doesn't want to be a guy's first time, so he takes Ryker back to his place. Aaron kneels and gives Ryker his first blowjob. It feels so good that Ryker wonders why he waited so long to try this out. Aaron looks up and says, “I guess you haven't had a rimjob either?” And poor Ryker asks, “What's that?” Aaron pats the bed, “Get up here and I'll show you.” Ryker takes off his pants and Aaron pushes Ryker's legs in the air and gives his hole a tongue job.

Aaron knows that since this is Ryker's first time that he's going to have to do everything, so after blowing Ryker some more, Aaron climbs onto the bed, mounts Ryker, and sits on his dick. First head, rimjob, and ass fucking, all in one go … Ryker's hitting the trifecta. But Aaron's a quick learner. He pushes Aaron off of him, slides between his legs, and takes over the fucking. And instinctively, Ryker seems to know that boys who have just gotten their asses fucked like a cum splash on their faces, so this virgin also gives his first creamy facial, too.