Models: Elder Garner, Bishop Davies

Studio: Missionary Boys

Themes: Bareback, Older On Younger, Breeding

Elder Garner sits patiently as Bishop Davies enters the room. The sexy older stud undresses Elder Garner slowly and sensually, passionately kissing the jock in between removing his clothing. Bishop Davies notices a big hard bulge in Garner's boxer shorts, so he pulls out the boys' dick and gets to work lovingly sucking every inch of it. Davies then bends Garner over and exposes his tight ass. he spits on the hole and works his fingers over it before burying his face and tongue in. The horny Bishop then produces a sex toy and gets Garner to suck it before sliding it deep into the boy's butt. After a good hole-stretching, Garner is allowed on his knees in front of the Bishop so he can. suck his hard uncut cock.

Garner take sit all down his throat before he's invited to sit on that bare cock and ride it balls deep. The jock bounces up and down Davies' dick for a good while as he jerks-off his own hard cock. It really hits the spot and soon Garner shoots his load all over. Bishop Davies then lays Garner flat and continues to pound his hole from behind. After a good pumping, Davies is ready to blow, so he shoots his seed deep inside of Garner's ass and breeds him. His jizz fills the jock up as he leans forward and shares a final passionate kiss with the boy.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent. A very sensual and hot scene in equal measure!

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