Models: Jay James, Bishop Angus

Studio: Boy For Sale

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son, Creampie/Cum On Ass

is very pleased with his sexy slave boy Jay James. The boy looks sexy and obedient, wearing nothing but a black bowtie and jockstrap. In the bedroom, Bishop commands the boy to come towards him on all fours, and Jay complies. The slave boy obediently undresses his master, caressing the daddy's crotch before unzipping his pants. The moment Bishop's hard dick is freed, Jay goes down on it. he takes every inch of that daddy dick down his throat, just like he's been trained to do. Seeing how hard it makes the boy sucking his dick, Master Angus decides to reward him by blowing him in return. The hairy daddy then removes Jay's jockstrap and bends the boy's legs back behind his head, exposing his tight hairless hole.

After a quick tease, Bishop rams his raw rod deep into Jay's willing ass. He pumps away with all his might and slams that ass hard and fast. Jay gets his hole pummelled in the missionary position, then gets picked up and pounded in mid-air as Bishop holds the boy. Jay sits of his master's bare boner and rides it for a short while before it's back to the missionary position. Facing Jay as he pounds him soon has Bishop close to cumming, so he pulls out and coats Jay's hole in a thick wad of his hot seed. The boy's hole gets drenched in jizz, leaving his crack and hole dripping as Bishop goes to get cleaned up.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! I love when Bishop doesn't hold back and slams Jay using his whole body weight in the missionary poison.

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