Bearded beauty Billy Santoro tops sexy jock Michael DelRay in their sizzling new duo from MEN.

In this scene, paperboy Michael has something else in mind other than delivering papers: skipping school and sucking the neighborhood hunk's dick instead! Billy had gotten a note in his morning paper to leave the door unlocked ready for Michael, and sure enough once Michael arrives Billy is hard and ready. Michael jumps straight onto that dick, sucking and swallowing every inch of it. Once he's done feasting on Billy's dick, Billy then feasts on Michael's ass, burying his face between those sexy butt cheeks. He then rams his dick deep into Michael's tight ass and fucks the jock hard, pounding him from behind before letting him ride his fuck-pole balls deep. After a final missionary position, Billy leaves Michael coated in both of their loads and very happy that he skipped school!

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