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Left by themselves after a night with the guys, Armond makes a pass at Billy by grabbing his groin. Soon the horny pair are kissing wildly, and in no time they're both totally naked on the couch. Armond goes down on Billy and sucks the stud's big throbbing cock. He savors every inch, licking and swallowing as much of it as he can. Billy then gets Armond on all fours and proceeds to eat out the jock's smooth bubble butt.

Billy then rams his thick rod deep into Armond's tight hole and fucks the jock hard. He thrusts into him from behind as he fucks Armond doggy style on the couch. They then change so that Armond is now riding Billy balls deep, taking in all of his big boner. Finally Armond gets drilled on his back, and soon both horny studs are ready to blow their loads!

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