Models: Billy Santoro, Austin Chapman

Studio: Icon Male

Themes: Daddy & Son, Older On Younger, Flip-Flop

Horny twink Austin Chapman has the hots for his mom's friend Billy Santoro who's staying over with them. Austin decides to wake Billy up in the morning to ask him if he'd like breakfast. Billy is a little bemused by Austin's behaviour until Austin suddenly admits he's attracted to Billy.

A moment later the pair are passionately kissing as Billy throws Austin down onto the bed. Austin kisses the hunk's muscles before going down on his big daddy dick and eagerly sucking it. Billy blows Austin's hunky boner in return, then flips the twink over to eat out his sexy ass.

Billy then slides his dick deep into Austin's hole and pounds it hard from behind. The daddy decides he wants to try Austin's thick cock too, so he mounts the Twink and rides his dick for a while. They flip again and now Austin rides Billy's boner balls deep. Austin tugs on his thick cock as he rides Billy and soon explodes all over the hunk, leaving Billy's muscly hair torso coated in his cum.

Best moment: Austin squirting his load over Billy as he rides him.

Dick Detective's score: 4.5/5

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