Best buddies Michael Del Ray and Javier Cruz share a lot of things, but the one thing they've yet to share is each other's throbbing cocks!

As the two of them sit around killing time, Michael decides it's time they finally get to sharing one another, and rubs his dick against the back of Javier's neck as he watches TV. Javier is shocked at first, but when his bud tells him to suck his dick, he decides to oblige. Michael is immediately taken aback, having no idea that Javier would accommodate him, but soon these horny young studs are filling each other's faces with their raging boners.

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Having traded blow job for blow job, Michael asks Javier if he wants to finish with a mutual jerk off, but Javier has something else in mind! He straddles Micheal's huge cock and proceeds to ride every inch balls deep. Michael fucks him in every position, flipping him over and pounding him from behind before inverting him on the floor and pile driving him as Javier strokes himself off. It's not long before they're ready to lose their loads, and one of the hot studs ends up totally covered in cum…..

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