Models: Bentley Layne, Xavier Ryan

Studio: Southern Strokes

Themes: Massage, Jerk Off

There's no full-sex in this scene, just lots of sensual touching, groping, massaging and jerking-off. If you're a fan of body contact and sexual tension then you'll love this scene!

It begins with the boys outside by the pool, sharing glances and touching one another's hands. Then it's indoors where we find Bentley giving Xavier a full body massage. It's very sensual, with Bentley's hands travelling all up and down Xavier's naked body. He pays very good attention to Xavier's sexy butt of course.

Bentley flips Xavier over and we see Xavier is rock hard. Bentley massages the Twink again and avoids his stiff dick for a good while, adding to the tension. But finally Bentley lays his hands on Xavier's dick and strokes it until he blows a load all over himself. It's then shower time for the pair to finish off the scene.

Best moment: Xavier's dick throbbing as Bentley's hands teasingly glide past it. 

Dick Detective's score: 4/5

Watch the full video here at Southern Strokes