Behind The Scenes!

Lyle Boyce is featured in a fun behind-the-scenes interview about his filming at Eurocreme. The 22-year-old porn geek has literally grown up at the studio.

Boyce tells us that he was 16 or 17 years old when he had his first gay sexual experience, and for a lot of years, he thought he was exclusively gay. But he's since figured out that he likes girls too. But not before he took lots of big dicks up his cute little butt, and straight ones, too, like Daniel Johnson's giant thick one.

Lyle tells us that he think he's filmed ten videos for Eurocreme, and he starts listing them off – cute Russian stud Billy Rubens took Lyle's porn cherry and Lyle has also appeared in the latest series called Choirboys – but Lyle loses count at number eight and just says, “Oh you can look them all up at Eurocreme.”

And indeed you can. There are actually 14 videos, including some other behind-the-scene footage.

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