Models: Baron Wade, Rico Vega

Studio: Gayhoopla

Themes: Flip-Flop, Interracial, Condom

Versatile jocks Baron and Rico reveal in the opening interview that they “rock, paper, scissored” over the decision of who would top in their scene. Baron lost out, which meant a happy Rico got to top. Baron presents his sexy ass to Rico who eagerly eats it out before flipping the black jock over and sliding his dick into him. He fucks Baron good and hard as Baron jerks off his own big black cock.

But as it happens, Rico can't resist that big dick of Baron's and he decides to bottom after-all! Rico lays back as he gets Baron's big dick pumped into him, splitting his as wide open. Baron pounds Rico in a couple of positions, eventually leaving the jock drenched in his jizz.

Dick Detective's score: 4/5

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