Twink newbie gets a spanking and raw fucking from fellow twink in this brand new bareback duo scene.

Austin is such a cutie that his friend Cameron can't resist bending him over and giving his ass a damn good spanking with the paddle! Austin's ass takes a fair few slaps with that paddle, but that just gets the boys in the mood for some horny fun, so they ditch the punishment and work on some pleasure instead. Passionate kissing quickly leads to cock sucking as Austin services Cameron's throbbing boner with his tongue and lips.

Austin's beautiful butt gets another mild spanking from Cameron again before the top twink slides his dick inside it deep and raw. Austin rides that bare boner balls deep, then takes it hard from behind as Cameron drills him in the missionary position. Finally laid on his back, Austin gets the cum fucked out of him before getting Cameron's load squirted all over his freshly-fucked hole!

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