Hairy hunk tops sexy stud in their sizzling new duo from MEN.

In “Didgeridoo Me”, we find Aspen in bed fuming at the noise Jack is making with his new didgeridoo. He angrily goes into the lounge and grabs the instrument form Jack, breaking it over his knee., to then further teach the young stud a lesson, Aspen decides to ram that lengthy didgeridoo up Jack's ass!

But the didgeridoo isn't the only big pole in the room…. There's also Aspen's lengthy stiff dick too! The hairy hunk decides to ram that into Jack's butt next, filling that tight hole full of cock. Jack makes even more noise than earlier now as he moans out loud with Aspen pounding his ass. The muscly hunk fucks Jack hard from behind, then sits back and lets the stud ride him balls deep. Aspen then lays Jack on his back over the couch and drills him even deeper until he's ready to blow, leaving the bottom boy with a face full of thick cum!

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