Models: Aspen, Dalton Riley, Elliot Finn

Studio: Next Door Studios

Themes: Bareback, Threesome, Toys

Dalton wakes up next to sexy hunk who is sound asleep, and quietly leaves so he doesn't disturb him. As he enters the lounge, he suddenly spots Aspen's stepbrother Elliot on the couch. Elliot is ramming a dildo up his cock-hungry hole and jerking off at the same time. As Dalton watches, Aspen wakes up and heads to the lounge too. Aspen is amused that Dalton is getting off watching his stepbrother, and he decides the best thing to do would be passionately kiss Dalton on the couch next to Elliot. Before long, Aspen is sucking his stepbrother's cock while feeding his own dick to Dalton. The guys swap around and Dalton gets to blow Elliot's boner while Aspen sucks Dalton's dick.

We then see shove his raw cock into Elliot's ass and pound him from behind while Elliot sucks on Dalton's boner. The horny trio change again and Elliot sits on Dalton's bare bone for a balls deep ride. Dalton shifts and pounds Elliot on his back, then Aspen takes over again and slams Elliot's hole while Dalton jerks off and shoots his hot load over Elliot's face. A moment later, Aspen pulls out and shoots his seed over Elliot, then we see see Elliot jerk off and drench himself in his own jizz too.

Dick Detective's verdict: Great! I really enjoyed watching Elliot get his hole used over and over by and Dalton. Dalton's cum-shot is a particular highlight too.

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