Horny jock gets his fireman fantasy fulfilled in this sizzling scene with hot hunk .

Armond regrettably informs his boss at the forestation of his decision to quit. When asked why, Armond explains to Adam that he keeps having horny thoughts about all the guys there at the station. Adam soon puts Armond at ease and shows him there's nothing wrong in having those fantasies by helping him to live them! The pair passionately kiss and quickly get naked there in the office. Armond then wraps his lips around Adam's big throbbing cock and hungrily sucks on every inch of it. It's quite a mouthful for the young jock! Adam then blows Armond in return, sucking on the jock's stiff dick with his expert daddy lips.

Armond's ultimate dream then comes true as he's bent over the office desk by Adam. the bearded hunk then slides his dick into Armond's ass and fucks the jock hard from behind. Adam flips Armond around onto his back and then drills him even deeper with his legs spread wide open. Finally, we get to see Armond impale himself on Adam's ‘fireman's pole' and ride the stud good and hard until he blows! Adam is quick to follow and blasts his cum all over Armond, leaving him drenched in jizz.

They could certainly put out fires with those cum loads!

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