We haven't seen much of Ryker Madison since Scandal at Helix Academy wrapped up back in February. He did a Real Cam session with Liam Riley, but nothing since. So I'm happy to see him back in Are We There Yet? with newcomer Sage Porter.

The boys are driving home and Ryker is a little agitated, well, horny actually. “Are we almost there?” he asks. When Sage tells him it'll be another 10 or 15 minutes, Ryker can't wait. He unzips Sage's pants and starts giving him a blowjob. Tsk tsk. These boys should know about distracted driving. If you shouldn't text and drive, you shouldn't get head while in the driver's seat either. Oh well, most of have done it, haven't we?

But Sage manages to keep them on the road until they get home, and then these two horny boys fall into bed for a hot fuck. I really enjoyed seeing Sage down on all fours with Ryker's face buried in his ass. Man, what a horny sight! Even better is when Ryker straddles Sage and plunge fucks him. But the cum finale has Sage on his back with Ryker holding him high up by the waist and Sage cums all over himself while Ryker's drilling his ass.