Models: Justin Matthews, Anthony Moore

Studio: Next Door Studios

Themes: Bareback, Flip-Flop, Creampie/Cum On Ass

Justin hears a knock at the door and sees outside. Anthony is looking for Justin's sister who isn't home, but Justin invites him inside anyway. It turns out Anthony has a bad case of blue balls, so Justin convinces him to jerk off since he's so horny. Justin then gets down on his knees and sucks Anthony's dick which the jock really loves. But a few minutes in, straight jock Anthony can't deal and leaves the house. Justin follows and finds Anthony outside. He convinces him to come back in and they head to the bedroom where they passionately kiss.

Justin goes down on again, and Anthony returns the blowjob as he sucks on Justin's stiff cock. Anthony then bends over and Justin slides his raw dick deep into the jock's tight ass-hole. He pounds him hard from behind for a while before they swap over and Anthony gets to slide his bare dick into Justin's ass. He drills Justin deep and hard from behind, then lays back to let Justin sit on his cock and ride it until Justin blows all over. Anthony pulls out and cums over Justin's hole before sliding his dick back inside. The horny pair then share a final kiss to finish the scene.

Dick Detective's verdict: A decent plot and lots of hot sex throughout. Some nice close-ups of the doggy-style fucking too.

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