When I saw , , and lined up in this new video, I was hoping for another threeway. There's been a threesome drought over there and I really enjoyed the Movie Night Threeway I just blogged about. But when I got into this video I realized that it's not a threesome at all, well, not the kind of I was fantasizing about anyway.

Andy Taylor is heading off to college and he's having one last snuggle in bed with his boyfriend Ryker Madison. Ryker watches from the balcony as his boyfriend leaves, wheeling his suitcase behind him – what kind of gay guy heads off to college with only one suitcase? Trying to console himself, Ryker binges on television and a giant tub of ice cream, and orders himself a pizza. When the delivery boy knocks at the door, Ryker forgets that he's only wearing his underwear.

Pizza boy Mitch Hudson likes what he sees and tries putting the moves on Ryker, but he's not interested and slams the door. Another knock and Ryker rolls his eyes, but he's surprised when he opens the door and Andy bursts in. He can't do it, he can't leave his boyfriend … college be damned, he wants to be with his lover. Miss you sex is the greatest, even when it's only been a couple of hours. Andy pushes his naked lover against the wall and bones his ass slowly and passionately. Then the boys fall on the bed for a long, slow make-out session with Ryker getting his hole reacquainted with his boyfriend's stiff dick.