returns home from cycling, feeling tired and achy. His roommate, Andy Ford, tells Denis to come and sit next to him, and Andy begins massaging the boy's shoulders. Andy then kisses Denis, creating a hard bulge in Denis' tight cycling shorts. Andy's hand wanders down and gropes the hard bulge, then the boys make out even more lustfully as Andy's hands get all over Denis. Soon the tight shorts come off, and Andy blows his roommate's throbbing boner.

Denis then frees Andy's huge uncut cock and goes to work sucking that extra thick shaft, expertly swallowing it down to the base. After the oral, Andy eats out his roommate, then we see Denis sit on Andy's big bareback boner for an ass-filling ride. Andy bends Denis over and pounds him from behind, then lays him down to penetrate him missionary. Denis shoots cum up himself as Andy drills him, then licks Andy's balls until Andy blows his load too.

Dick Detective's thoughts: A very hot scene! And there's a fun little behind-the-scenes extra too, right after Denis finishes licking all the cum from Andy's cock! 😋💦