Models: Marcus Rivers, Father Romeo,

Studio: Yes Father

Themes: Bareback, Threesome, Daddy & Son

NEW SITE LAUNCH: Yes Father is brand new site dedicated to the seedy world of Catholic Priests abusing altar boys, touching their hard teen dicks, and pounding their tight little holes deep and raw. There's sizzling bareback daddy & son action in every scene, and you'll see these good boys go bad as their teen urges and hunger for daddy dick quickly takes over.

Catholic boy is preparing to sleep in his dorm room when and come in to inspect his room. They do a brief search to check everything is good, then tuck Marcus into his bed. As they do, they suddenly discover something hard under the sheet. Pulling the sheet back, they find Marcus is sporting a rock hard boner. Marcus is embarrassed and admits to the older men that it keeps happening to him. The Fathers ask Marcus if he needs help with it, and Marcus eagerly replies “Yes, Fathers.”. They ask Marcus to get his hard cock out, then Father Romeo quickly goes down on it, making Marcus moan as he sucks the boy's teen boner. then gets a turn on that teen dick as he sucks and swallows every inch of it. The Fathers keep taking turns blowing Marcus, then bring him up to passionately kiss him before asking the boy if he wants to do the same to them. “Yes, Fathers.” replies the horny altar boy as the Fathers get out both of their hard dicks.

Marcus takes turns sucking on those daddy dicks one by one, then we see get on his knees to service Marcus and Father Romeo's cocks. The Father's are ready for some anal fun, so Marcus hist on father Gallo's bare boner and rides it balls deep. As he bounces up and down, Marcus grabs hold of Father Romeo's big uncut cock and strokes it. then gets his turn to pound the boy as Marcus moves over and sits on his raw dick for a hot ride. Marcus moans in pleasure as that big pole fill shim and massages him deep inside. Standing up, the horny priests then spit-roast Marcus as pounds the boy from behind before they all shoot their hot loads, leaving Marcus coated in hot facial and his own teen jizz.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! I love the opening scene and the two Fathers sucking Marcus' cock. A very horny daddy & son threeway!

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