Inked stud Allen Lucas kidnaps muscly jock Brenner Bolton and makes him his fuck-toy in their new duo scene “Careful What You Wish For”.

After being kidnapped from his own garage, Brenner awakens in an unfamiliar place, naked, bound and blindfolded. Hearing footsteps approaching, he pleads for his assailant not to hurt him. His captor Allen smiles at the sight of the hostage in front of him, teasing Brenner's cock before whispering in his ear. Allen works his way down Brenner's body until he gets to the jock's dick, and begins to suck him off much to Brenner's surprise. He's even more surprised when Allen shoves his cock inside his mouth, but like a good little slave he obeys and sucks that dick good.

Allen then throws him onto the ground face first and tongues Brenner's ass before plunging his cock into his moist hole. He fucks Brenner hard from behind, then flips him around and surprisingly slides his ass down onto Brenner's dick, mounting him and riding him balls deep as the hostage lays tied and helpless. Allen then flips him back over one more time to resume fucking him again. As Brenner lay on his back, Allen drills him until he fucks the cum out of him, then pull out to drench Brenner's face with his load.

Allen removes Brenner's blindfold and asks him if his fantasy was fulfilled. Wiping the cum off his face, Brenner nods his approval!

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