Tattooed hunk fucks inked jock in their sizzling duo scene “Trent Is Punished”.

Trent asks his stepdad Alexy if he can go out with friends to party, but Alexy reminds him that he's still grounded for the next few days and can't go unless he grabs him a beer. Trent grabs the beer but Alexy has one more request – Trent has to blow him! Desperate to go to the party, Trent gets on his knees and sucks every inch of his stepdad's rock hard cock. Once he'd had enough oral from trent, Alexy then returns the favor and blows his stepson's now throbbing cock.

Things soon heat up even more as Alexy spins Trent around and eats out his smooth little butt, then rams his stiff meat deep inside and pounds that hole good and hard. Trent moans as he stepdad slams into him from behind, then flips him over to drill him even deeper on his back. By the end, Alexy has a face full of cum while Trent has a mouth full of cum…. and a party to now go to!

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