& – A Better Workout

Another new Helix scene! I really do look forward to getting new scenes from this studio…. The models are always gorgeous, the settings are great, and the sex is hot, hot, hot!! And this scene doesn't disappoint 😉

I posted a scene with Alex Greene in just yesterday, and he's back once again (with that veiny monster of his) in this scene. I did wonder whether his huge dick would actually fit inside Liam Riley's miniature butt without splitting him in half, but it turns out that Riley's hole is very flexible and accommodating. 😉

Now onto the scene:

Alex is outside getting in a workout and doing some push-ups. Liam comes along and decides to be a smart ass and sits on Alex's back. “Can you do them with me on your back?” Alex does one push-up, then says, “No, I can't.” He asks Liam to hold his legs while he does sit-ups. And after a couple of sit-ups, Liam suggests they go inside for a “better workout”.

Now in Liam's room, and after some very hot smooching, Liam goes to work on Alex's big dick. Liam's lips look so good wrapped around that huge fuckpole, sliding and slurping up and down every inch. And true to his word, the bottom boy gives Alex a much better workout. He wants to make sure that Alex is exercising all his muscles, so Liam gets fucked doggy style so Alex can work his glutes, then missionary for Alex's abs, and finally Liam stands on his head on the floor so Alex can plunge fuck him and stretch out his thighs. Now those are the kind of squats I like doing!

The plunge fucking position is most definitely my favourite part of the whole scene. Watching Alex's impressive dick diving in and out of Liam's tight little ass is a sight to behold.  (not to mention horny as fuck!) Liam must really be able to feel every inch of that beast massaging him deep inside, and clearly loved every minute of it!


  • Dylan

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