Models: Alexis Tivoli, Gabriel Lambert

Studio: French Twinks

Themes: European, Uncut, Twinks

When sexy twinks Gabriel Lambert and Alexis Tivoli bump into each other in the toilets, they're instantly attracted to one another. The boys passionately kiss and head into a cubicle where Gabriel goes down on Alexis and sucks his dick. They then head home where they continue to kiss as they undress. Gabriel is soon on his knees again, hungrily sucking on Alexis' dick. The boys then get into a 69 position, and inked twink Alexis sucks on Gabriel's dick while the boy blows him.

Alexis also fingers Gabriel's tight hole while they 69. He then gets the boy flat on the floor so he can rim and finger his hole some more. Alexis proceeds to shove his dick deep inside that tight wet hole and fuck his new buddy hard from behind. They fuck in a couple of positions on the floor before standing up so Alexis can pound Gabriel against the bookcase. He slams the bottom boy so hard that the bookcase rocks back and forth, losing most of it's contents as they fall to the floor from the force! Eventually, Alexis pulls out and squirts a big load of jizz all over Gabriel's butt. Gabriel then jerks off over Alexis' face and leaves it covered in his cum.

Best moment: Stuff falling off the bookcase due to Alexis fucking Gabriel so hard.

Dick Detective's score: 5/5

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