Models: Alex Meyer

Studio: Family Dick

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son

Little twink Alex is getting frustrated as he plays his video games. He's swearing at it and dad Bill makes Alex put money in the swear jar. Alex is unhappy, and later decides to smash the swear jar, making Bill swear too. The angry dad decides to teach his boy a lesson and makes Alex get down on his knees. Bill pulls out his hard cock and tells Alex to suck it. “I'm sorry dad” Alex says as he goes down on his dad's dick and obediently sucks it.

Alex is rock hard as he blows his dad's boner, so after the oral bill strips Alex naked and then teases the boy's tight hole with his finger. He then lets Alex sit on his dick, taking every inch of that daddy dick up his little boy-butt. Bill strokes his son's big cock as he fills up his as with raw cock. Alex bounces up and down like a good boy, then lays back so daddy can pound him deeper. Bill pulls out and cums over his son, then sucks Alex's cock until Alex blows in his mouth.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent. Definitely one of the hottest daddy & son pairings I've seen.

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