Models: Alex Law,

Studio: Bring Me A Boy

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son, European

As Alex's daddy, Vincent, takes a shower, the cute boy makes the most of his time alone and quickly takes a dildo out of the bedside drawer. He shoves the big black toy into his tight teen ass and begins penetrating himself with it. But unbeknown to Alex, his daddy hasn't got into the shower yet and is listening to the boy's moans and groans through the door. Vincent gets horned up at what he's hearing, and opens the door to see Alex with the big toy up his butt. Alex is shocked, but when he sees his daddy unzip his pants and pull out his dick, shock quickly turns to lust.

Without hesitation, Alex dives onto that daddy dick like a good boy. He sucks and swallows every inch before daddy Vincent then blow his teen boner in return. After the oral, Vincent shoves his raw cock into Alex's hole and penetrates his boy nice and deep. Alex moans with every thrust, especially when his daddy pounds him from behind. After a missionary position drilling, Alex shoots his load over himself and daddy Vincent unloads over him a moment later.

Dick Detective's verdict: Great! I really love Alex's moans and groans as he takes that daddy dick.

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