I read somewhere recently (I forget where) that sexual selfies aren't just for pornstars any more. Taking your cell phone and lover to bed is a growing trend, but more of us are taking pics of our bits to send off to potential fuck buddies and lovers.

In this video called “Swapping Selfies,” is sitting on the sofa jacking his dick. He'd like to feel something other than his own hand on his cock, so he takes a couple of selfies of his hard-on and sends them to his new buddy . Jessie doesn't even take his hand off his cock, with his free hand he thumbs the sext and sends it off. Good grief, that could be disastrous if a guy's not careful with his thumbs, and especially is his mother's name were Alexa.

Jessie is brushing his teeth in his bathroom when Jessie's cock arrives with a beep. So Alex pulls down his pants and takes a mirror selfie of his cute little butt. The next thing you know, Alex is on his knees swallowing Jessie's dick. The boys swap blowjobs before Alex mounts his blond fuck buddy and sits on his bare cock. This is Alex Jordan's second video for Helix Studios. His debut scene is in a new series called “The Art of Breaking Up” and breaks him in.