I’m really excited about this one. Alex Greene filmed six scenes with Helix Studios at the end of 2011. He breezed in, fucked five different guys, did a jack off video, and he was gone like the wind. Too bad because Alex has a huge cock and he loves to fuck. But he’s back now, and aside from this Real Cam installment with Andy Taylor, Greene already has a threeway up on the site.

So I’ve said it before, I like these Real Cam videos. Helix Studios gives a couple of guys a camera and gets them to film one of their fuck sessions. I find the guys and the sex are much more playful and natural. They’re not worrying about their arm getting in the fucking shot, or trying to fuck between the cameraman’s legs while he stands on the bed filming, and there’s nothing hotter than pointing a cam at a guy sucking your dick.

And when a guy like Alex Greene has a really long cock and Andy Taylor has a cute, little butt, you really want to be able to watch Alex’s hard-on sliding in, you want close-ups, the kind a regular cameraman can’t get. I loved watching Andy’s eyes rolling into the back of head and hearing him gasp as Alex thrusts his long cock in and out. What a sexy fucking pair of guys! And now that Alex is back at Helix, I’m sure they’re discovering a whole new crop of cute guys and bums for him to fuck. Spring is coming and so is Alex Greene … so exciting!