Models: Alex Meyer, Aiden Asher

Studio: Next Door Studios

Themes: Bareback, Homemade, Creampie/Cum In Ass

In this homemade scene, cute boys and are hooking up for some amateur fun. The pair are excited to get started, so after a very brief introduction, Alex and Aiden begin kissing on the bed. The kissing quickly gets Alex's big dick rock hard, so Aiden grabs hold of that chunky shaft and goes to work sucking and swallowing it. Alex blows Aiden's boner in return, then the boys move on to some mutual rimming action. Aiden eats out Alex's ass first, then we see Alex return the favour and get his tongue deep into Aiden's hole.

On to the anal action, and Alex squeezes his big bare boner into Aiden's tight hole. Aiden's ass barely fits that big boner fully inside of it, but he loves the feeling of that thick and lengthy teen cock up inside of him. The boys go at it in a few positions, ending with Aiden on his back getting the jizz pounded out of him. After Aiden cums, Alex pulls out and creampies Aiden's hole, then slides his big boner back inside, leaving that hole coated in cum inside and out.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! A great homemade scene, and I loved watching Alex's big raw dick sliding in and out of Aiden's ass.

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