Models: Aiden Ward, Justin Cross

Studio: Southern Strokes

Themes: Masturbation, Big Dicks

and are evenly matched. The two young jocks are slim and toned, have equally big dicks, and are both tops. So when they're paired up together the only thing these two horny tops can do is sit side by side on the couch and begin fondling one another's big boners.

After lots of touching and groping those big hard dicks come out and the boys are soon jerking each other off. Justin can't resist a taste of Aiden's dick and goes down on it for a quick suck. Then we get lots more mutual masturbation before Aiden goes down on Justin and sucks his dick.

Aiden climbs on top of Justin so their dicks are pressed together and uses his hand to jerk them both off together as the boys passionately kiss. There's more side by side masturbation before Aiden aims his dick at Justin and cums all over him. Justin then does the same, squirting his seed all over Aiden's sexy body.

Dick Detective's score: 4/5

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