Models: Aiden Garcia, Danny Nelson

Studio: Helix Studios

Themes: Bareback, Twinks, Cum In Ass/Breeding

Aiden and Danny are sat watching TV together, and Danny can't resist letting his fingers touch Aiden's bare leg. A gentle touch leads to lustful and passionate kissing, and soon Danny has freed Aiden's big uncut dick from his undies. The twink goes down on that dick and lovingly sucks on as many inches as he can fit in his mouth. Aiden then returns the favour and pulls down Danny's pants so he can suck the boy's stiff boner.

After the oral, Aiden then goes to town with his tongue on Danny's butt-hole! He really buries his face deep between those smooth butt cheeks and lets his tongue lap at every bit of that hairless hole. And with an ass like Danny's – I don't fucking blame him! I wouldn't even come up for air.

After some lengthy rimming action, we then get to see Aiden slide his big bare cock deep into Danny's wet hole. He fucks the boy from behind, then sits back and lets Danny mount him. We get a fantastic view as Danny rides that big bare pole balls deep. The combination of Danny's tight hole and the boy furiously riding him soon prove too much for Aiden who nuts deep inside of Danny and breeds the boy. He pulls his big dick out, and we see some of his seed trickle out of Danny's tight back passage. Danny promptly sits back on that dick and rides it until he cums too, firing out a massive load all over Aiden's smooth torso.

Best moment: I'm torn!! It's a tie for the rimming and the breeding.

Dick Detective's score: 5/5

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