It's a five-way Frat-boy fuck-fest in this sizzling new group sex scene for Dick Dorm by Reality Dudes!

The Frat boys are just casually hanging out int heir dorm room when Leo rushes in holding a camera in one hand and his dick in the other. A surprised Tyler suddenly gets fed a mouthful of cock as the other guys look on, but he's more than happy to suck and swallow every inch of that lengthy boner. The other guys are soon inspired to get in on the fun, and their own stiff boners quickly get fed to Tyler too before they all begin to service each other.

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Dimitri then kicks off the anal action by sliding his dick into Tyler's tight butt hole and pounding the jock deep and hard. he then makes way for Derek who take over the fucking while Dimitri and Leo both get their dick sucked at the sam time by Skyler. It quickly becomes a suck and fuck-fest orgy as Tyler gets gang-banged while Skyler joins him in bottoming and takes hard dicks up his ass from the other guys too.

Tyler eventually gets the cum drilled out of him by Leo, and then gets a bukkake as the other guys all blow their loads over his pretty little face!

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