1Along with doing model interviews, I wanted to try something a little different and do Q&A's with ‘regular Joe's' and fans too. I thought it would be interesting to get different perspectives and to learn about peoples likes, dislikes, favorites etc. So here's the first in my non-model Q&A's, and it's with the self-proclaimed super-obsessed & fan ‘Supergayfan'. You can follow him on Twitter here: @supergayfan.

Q&A: Supergayfan

Hi SuperGayFan! Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Charlie, from the UK, bi, male. I am an economics student and my hobbies are Kyle Ross and Max Carter.

For those who don't know, you're a HUGE Max Carter & Kyle Ross fan. What is it about them that you love so much?
To be honest I don’t really know, I’m just really drawn to them as individuals and also together as a couple. Maybe its because I’ve watched them since they started their porn career, it feels like I've known them for a long time even though I've never talked to them!

Do you remember when and how you first started your obsession with them?
A friend actually showed me pictures of the then new model Max Carter and I was captivated at first sight! Then later on I somehow stumbled upon Kyle's videos and I have to say he is a great porn actor! Then I saw their first scene together and from then on I was infatuated by their growing love for each other.

As hard as it must be to choose, what has been your favorite Max & Kyle scene to date?
It has to be their most recent scene together, the Real Cam (which you can see here). I have watched it so many times I know what they are gonna say before they say it. It was so nice to get to know them more, followed by passionate huffing puffing sex! Looking forward to more Max and Kyle from Helix Studios.

And what are your favorite scenes of them not together?
Ohh that's hard, I really like all of his scenes equally but if I had to choose, my favorite Max Carter scene would probably be the outdoor scene with . I believe it's called “Fucked In The Great Outdoors” just because it's outdoors which make sit even sexier and kinky. And my favorite Kyle Ross scene… probably one of his scenes from “The Cage”, the one with him and Skyler Bleu, again because it's some kinky shit!

If you could put Max & Kyle in any scene/setting/theme, what would it be?
Wowowow if I had that power, I would like them to be in a vampire type scene ‘cos that will be just so hot, or a storyline that goes along the lines of Max being a big CEO and meeting damsel in distress Kyle…. hahaha but that's only me and I'm weird.

Aside from Max & Kyle, are there any other porn stars you love to watch?
Hmm other than Max and Kyle I really like and because they are just so angelic.

Do you watch porn regularly? If so how much or how often?
I only mainly watch Max and Kyle porn (their separate and together scenes) regularly, especially when their new scenes come out. It's like everyday at least two times. But normally maybe once a week because I'm a busy student!

In general, what genre/type of porn do you like to watch?
I think I might need a genre called ‘Max & Kyle' haha, but probably jocks/lesbian if I had to choose by genre.

What's your favorite sexual position to watch (or practice!)?
I like to watch all sorts of positions that Max and Kyle attempt, but for myself I would say just missionary.

Are you the type of person to talk about porn openly with friends/colleagues or is it a private thing for you?
Most of my friends know I watch porn and we do talk about it sometimes when a new interesting scene comes out, we are perverted college boys! They just don't know about my secret Twitter account (@supergayfan) which I started recently haha.

Do you think porn has become more acceptable in general and less taboo than in previous generations?
It is acceptable to be a pervert, at least I hope so!

Especially thanks to Twitter, it has become much easier for people to interact with or learn about their favorite porn stars. Do you think porn models are gaining the same level of celebrity as movie/tv/music stars?
I know right! I actually just started using Twitter to interact with my favorite stars (Max & Kyle) and I was so startled when they interacted with me. I wouldn't say porn models are going to get more famous than movie stars, but you never knwo they might! Hope Max and Kyle rule the world!!

And finally, if you where stuck on a desert island with only one, who would you choose? Max OR Kyle?
I wouldn't want Max or Kyle to be stuck on a desert island so I'll just choose to be stuck alone in the desert by myself.

That's all for this Q&A, so a huge thank you to Supergayfan for taking the time to answer these questions and letting us get to know him (and his obsession!) a little better.476874372_1280x720 hxl_scene32_4 DCIM100GOPRO helix_studios-max_carter_and_kyle_ross_5_35283_12 hs70_scene1_5