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Vadim Black is a sexy Russian stud with gorgeous eyes and a very hot bod! He did his first video at Broke Straight Boys back in January. He barely got into his guy-on-guy sex sessions and then he was scooped up by and signed to an exclusive video, which is too bad for BSB because Vadim was on his way to becoming their next big star. But it looks like they rushed Vadim into the studio at the beginning of the year and had all their regulars take a crack at his ass! 😉

Now onto the scene:

So if we assume that Vadim's back story is true, the 18-year-old had never been fucked before he arrived on BSB's door step. Sergio Valen is a tall, Italian-American stud and he's fucked a lot of the regulars at Broke Straight Boys. Sergio is only the third guy to fuck Vadim and taking it up the butt doesn't appear to be getting any easier.

Sergio lubes up Vadim's ass good, then puts the lad on his side. Vadim holds his leg in the air while Sergio tries squeezing his boner in. Vadim's hole resists, then suddenly the head of Sergio's dick pops in and sends Vadim through the roof. “Oh fuck! It hurts so bad.” After a couple of minutes, Vadim's hole finally relaxes and Sergio buries his dick all the way inside.

But it strikes me that spoon fucking isn't really the best position to start with, especially if a guy is not used to getting fucked. I think doggy style is a good one because the bottom can spread his cheeks wide, and if he needs to ease up a bit, the bottom has some manoeuvring room. Vadim's final minutes bottoming are actually doggy style. After some good pumping, Sergio starts making the cumming noises…..

I won't spoil the cumshots for you, but let's just say Vadim gets a very good soaking!

  • Dylan

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