is a bad boy who seems more interested in taking care of his cock than doing a good job. He’s a bike courier in this series called Velo from Helix Studios. He’s already been hauled into the boss’ office and gotten trouble for his bad attitude. He fucked his way into dispatcher ’s good graces and promised that he’d pay more attention to giving good customer service.

hx104_scene40_030 That promise lasted about 15 minutes and Jacob fucked one of the other couriers in the back alley in the third episode. Now Jacob is arriving at a new client’s apartment and the dispatcher told him that is a millionaire software developer and he’d better not fuck up this contract. Jacob and Damon chat over a glass of water and Damon says that his life is pretty lonely and he never gets to hang out with guys his own age. Jacob did promise his boss that he’d take better care of the customers, so after some kissing, he sits back on the couch and lets this new client suck his long cock. And when the young entrepreneur wants his ass fucked, the bike courier gives the customer exactly what he wants. Shoving his big dick up this client’s ass is exactly the kind of customer service that’s going to guarantee a lot more package deliveries for Velo. Will the boss be happy that Jacob took good care of his customer or pissed off that someone else is riding his favourite couriers big hard-on?