Touch My Body Twinks

Horny teens Enzo Lemercier and Gaetan Phoenix get hands on in this new scene from French Twinks.

Gaetan and Enzo decide to play the popular YouTube “Touch my body challenge” together. Enzo is blindfolded, and Gaetan guides the boy's finger to various parts of his body. Enzo has to guess what he's touching each time. It all begins innocently, but soon Gaetan decides to get naked and make Enzo touch his balls and butt hole. Enzo removes his blindfold to see the naked boy in front of him, and the two are soon passionately kissing.

Enzo plays with Gaetan's ass some more with his fingers and tongue. He then slides his uncut cock into Gaetan's tight ass and fucks the boy hard. After Enzo is done fucking Gaetan in a couple of positions, he feeds his cock to the twink. Gaetan sucks and slurps on that cock until Enzo blows and he's left with a face full of cum!

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